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Articles by Dr. Naiman

How Dream Therapy Can Change Your Life

The following story is excerpted from TIME’s special edition, The Science of Sleep, which is available at Amazon.
The first time I dialed up my dream therapist, I didn’t realize how personal it would get. It’s just dreaming, I told myself. What could I learn that a dream dictionary couldn’t decode? Underestimating my own dreams was my first mistake. Underestimating Rubin Naiman was my second. I’d found him by asking Google a throw-away question: Can dreams improve emotional health? The query led to Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., his face framed in a cloud of white hair.

Falling For Sleep

In Evelyn De Morgan’s numinous painting, Night and Sleep (1878), Nyx, the mighty Greek goddess of night, hovers across a dusky sky with her beloved son Hypnos, the sweet-natured god of sleep. The painting and the Greek gods it captures depict a radically different way of understanding and relating to sleep. In…

Another View of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a complex condition with biomedical, psychological, social and, I believe, important spiritual dimensions. An integrative approach invites us to reconsider narcolepsy from a broader perspective. It encourages us incorporate key biomedical knowledge into a larger psychosocial and even mythic framework. Since narcolepsy is a lifelong condition, it also…