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Insomnia: Integrative Sleep Therapy

September 14

Course Description:

Years ago, during my study of PTSD I became curious about my parents’ sleep and dreams. As holocaust survivors who had been severely traumatized, one would have expected their nights to be disrupted by grief, anxiety and nightmares. But my parents slept well. In fact, they slept exceptionally well without medication throughout their entire lives.

My parents’ experience taught me that sleep loss was not an inevitable consequence of stress or even trauma. And, as importantly, that sleep could confer protection against the greatest challenges life might bring. I learned that sleep wasn’t simply the reward of a healthy lifestyle – it was its foundation. My parents simply loved sleep. And, they taught me to do the same.

Restoring healthy sleep is a CLINICAL ISSUE for most of our clients.
Although therapists routinely encounter sleeplessness in their practice, few are adequately prepared to address it. Failure to do so can impede the treatment of mood disorders, trauma, addictions, and even relationship issues.

Restoring healthy sleep is a PERSONAL ISSUE for many psychotherapists.
I believe the unique challenges of psychotherapy place us at greater risk for sleeplessness, which that can compromise the quality of both our work and our lives.

Integrative Sleep Therapy has evolved from my personal as well as extensive clinical experience with thousands of patients over the past three decades. It is a comprehensive, multicomponent approach that integrates:

  • evidence-based cognitive, behavioral and environmental strategies
  • complementary and alternative health interventions
  • depth psychology and spiritual guidance

This seminar presents an integrative (body-mind-spirit) treatment approach that draws on cognitive behavior therapy, natural remedies, sleep hygiene, and spiritual strategies. It also transforms our view of sleep from a medical necessity to one of life’s sustaining satisfactions.

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Rubin Naiman