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Sleep, Dreams and Consciousness
Have You Considered? With Isaac Bass
November 10, 2020

Dream Deprivation
Daring to Rest
March 14, 2018

Hurry Slowly Podcast
Wired & Tired
March 13, 2018

Sleep and Dreams with Dr. Rubin Naiman
October 5, 2018

Overcoming the Silent Sleep Epidemic
Source: iThrive Plan
October 10, 2018

Dr Naiman on Transforming Sleep and dreams
Source: End of the Road
November 30, 2018

Sleep and Dream Deprivation (podcast)
The Innovation Show (Dublin, Ireland)
May 10, 2017

REM is not Just a band from Georgia
Source: Dreams Unzipped
September 2017

Rubin Naiman On Sleep And Dreams
Source: Middle Way Society
January 25, 2015

Sleep: Getting To The Heart Of Most Sleep Disorders
Source: One Radio Network
June 5, 2014

Rubin Naiman on Mindful Sleep
Source: Mindfulness Radio

Getting Stuck In The Threshold With Rubin Naiman
Source: Evolver Learning Lab
Extraordinary Dream States With Ryan Hurd

Imagine That! Radio
Shawn Nygaard interviews sleep expert Dr. Rubin Naiman, author of “Healing Night”. 
Dr. Naiman radio interview