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Podcasts & Videos

The Perils of a 'Wake-Centric' World
NPR -To The Best of Our Knowledge
Anne Strainchamps interview with Dr. Naiman
February 24, 2024

Awake, Asleep & Dreaming:
Rubin Naiman Explores Expansive Consciousness
The Chronic Illness Coach Podcast with Alex Morris
May 19, 2024

Sleep & Dreams: The Science & The Spiritual with Dr. Rubin Naiman
The Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Juniper Owens interviews Dr. Rubin Naiman
January 2023

Interview with Rubin Naiman, PhD, FAASM
Dream Interpretation Station, Leah Bolen, CDP, CSSC
May 23, 2023

Why We Should Be Worried About Dream Loss
Dream Power Radio
April 4, 2022

Poly Campbell, Simply Said
Source: Megaphone: A Modern Podcasting Platform
March 22, 2022

Sleep, Dreams and Consciousness
Have You Considered? With Isaac Bass
November 10, 2020

Dream Deprivation
Daring to Rest
March 14, 2018

Hurry Slowly Podcast
Wired & Tired
March 13, 2018

Sleep and Dreams with Dr. Rubin Naiman
October 5, 2018

Overcoming the Silent Sleep Epidemic
Source: iThrive Plan
October 10, 2018

Dr Naiman on Transforming Sleep and dreams
Source: End of the Road
November 30, 2018

Sleep and Dream Deprivation (podcast)
The Innovation Show (Dublin, Ireland)
May 10, 2017

REM is not Just a band from Georgia
Source: Dreams Unzipped
September 2017

Rubin Naiman On Sleep And Dreams
Source: Middle Way Society
January 25, 2015

Sleep: Getting To The Heart Of Most Sleep Disorders
Source: One Radio Network
June 5, 2014

#302 Exploring Mindful Dreaming with Rubin Naiman PhD
Source: Shrink Rap Radio
Apr 27, 2012

#256 – Mindful Sleep, Mindful Dreams with Rubin Naiman PhD
Source: Shrink Rap Radio
Jan 27, 2011

Rubin Naiman on Mindful Sleep
Source: Mindfulness Radio

Getting Stuck In The Threshold With Rubin Naiman
Source: Evolver Learning Lab
Extraordinary Dream States With Ryan Hurd

Imagine That! Radio
Shawn Nygaard interviews sleep expert Dr. Rubin Naiman, author of “Healing Night”. 
Dr. Naiman radio interview