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For Professionals

Dr. Naiman offers training in sleep and dream health for various professional groups in the form of seminars, lectures, courses, and workshops. Trainings are designed to meet the specific needs of interested organizations, health systems, businesses, or groups of private individuals.

Consultation and Training for Mental Health Practitioners

Most health care professionals are ill prepared to address the current epidemic of sleep disorders. There is a pressing need for mental health practitioners, in particular, to acquire skills in treating sleep issues and assume more proactive roles in addressing the sleep epidemic. (See Sleep Psychologists in Demand, APA Monitor, Volume 32, No. 9, 10/01)

Because they are uniquely positioned to understand and intervene in meaningful ways that physicians typically cannot, mental health practitioners have an exceptional opportunity as well as professional responsibility to step into the sleep health arena.

Dr. Naiman’s trainings are designed to provide participants with basic knowledge and skills needed to screen, assess, and treat the most common sleep problems encountered in outpatient and residential treatment settings. Dr. Naiman encourages mental health practitioners to develop a sleep health sub specialty in their work.

Sleep, Dreams, and Addictions Recovery

Dr. Naiman has a special interest in the role of sleep and dreams in addictions and recovery. Acute and chronic sleep problems are common among people with addictions, frequently exacerbating symptoms and further complicating treatment. Unfortunately, addiction recovery programs are not well-informed about effective sleep interventions. Sleep and dream disorders should be approached as comorbid states in the treatment of all addiction.

This is a comprehensive 15 hour video series that provides a solid foundation in sleep and dream therapy for mental health professionals.  Recorded 2016 at the Cape Cod Institute.

Please read Dr. Naiman's "Recovering Night: Alcohol, Substances and Sleep"

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Basic Principles of Integrative Sleep and Dream Medicine

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