Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations

Dr. Naiman provides counseling, psychotherapy, sleep consultations, and dreamwork through his private practice based in Tubac, Arizona. He also provides a range of services to clients worldwide via video and telephone consultations.

Dr. Naiman’s professional approach is informed by an extensive background in cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral sleep medicine, archetypal/Jungian philosophy, health psychology and integrative mental health.

Because sleep and psychiatric medications are frequently overused and can be associated with significant health risks, Dr. Naiman emphasizes a range of alternative, integrative medicine approaches tailored to meet individual needs.


Video and Telephone Consultations

“Telehealth” consultations are available for sleep evaluation and treatment of certain types of sleep problems. Such services afford patients a much greater choice about practitioners available to them. Telehealth has been shown to be a particularly effective and convenient approach to psychological consultations. Dr. Naiman uses, a highly secure and confidential video conferencing program for telehealth consultations. Please feel free to contact Dr. Naiman for further information about these services.



Please contact our office for information about fees. The office does not generally bill insurance or other third party carriers but is happy to provide a superbill for that purpose. Dr. Naiman utilizes a sliding fee scale with demonstrated financial limitations.



HIPAA forms  are available to prospective patients only.  Please contact Dr. Naiman for further information.


Make a Payment for Professional Services

Payments can be made with personal checks or credit and debit cards.  Use the form below to pay by credit or debit.  You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.


After you click the PayPal PAY NOW button it will take you to the PayPal Screen - Please enter the amount discussed with Dr. Naiman at checkout.

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