The Circadian Spa

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The Circadian Spa®

…Making night part of the stay

As conventional approaches to healthcare continue to fall short, there is growing recognition that optimal health is not simply about treating illness—it calls for a transformation of lifestyle. At the same time, the contemporary spa/resort is emerging globally as the new, definitive lifestyle resource.

Night, sleep and dreams play a critical, though largely unrecognized role in transforming lifestyle. A day is greater than the sum of its hours and night is the most neglected part of day. Guest satisfaction depends not only on the breadth of waking activities, but also on the depth of nightly rest. Poor sleep can compromise a guest’s ability to enjoy even the most exquisite of spa experiences.

Based on a philosophy of Deep Green Sleep®, Dr. Rubin Naiman’s Circadian Spa® is an innovative model that addresses night lifestyle through the adaptation of a broad range of creative programs, products and services for diverse spa/resort brands. Specific services include facility design consultation, program development, staff training, and guest workshops and individual consultations.

Intended to enhance guests’ sleep, dreams and related experiences while augmenting branding and increasing revenue, Circadian Spa® services make the night part of the stay.

Dr. Rubin Naiman…

Dr. Naiman brings extensive spa/resort, wellness and training experience to the Circadian Spa® program. For more than a decade, he served as the sleep and dream specialist at Canyon Ranch Health Resort, where he founded the first formal sleep center at a spa. Dr. Naiman also established and directed the sleep and dream program at Miraval resort where, in addition to providing direct guest services, he assisted in the design of sleep aspects of residences and facilities.

Dr. Naiman has also been involved in the creation, development and marketing of exclusive sleep supportive products for the global marketplace.

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