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Healing Night Endorsements

“Informed by extensive experience in health and archetypal psychology, Dr. Rubin Naiman is truly a pioneer in integrative sleep and dream medicine.”

Author of Healthy Aging


“HEALING NIGHT is a book of enlightenment that not only inspires and informs but also provides effective means for our own transformations.”

Author of Notes to Myself


“In a culture in which sleep disorders are epidemic, HEALING NIGHT is truly soothing medicine that is as healing and welcome as a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend this enchanting work.”

Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


“Dr. Rubin Naiman has written an intriguing, groundbreaking book as he shares his unique insights into the mysteries of ‘Night Consciousness’ and of letting go of our ordinary waking state. What is utterly delightful is that this book is easy to understand.”

Author of Love is Letting Go of Fear


“Healthy sleep and dreams are an essential though largely forgotten element of both personal and relationship recovery. Through a beautiful integration of science and spirituality, heart and mind, and wit and wisdom, Rubin Naiman’s HEALING NIGHT provides an especially creative and practical solution to this dilemma.”

The New Rules for Marriage


“Healing Night is a lyrical book, written with humor, passion and poetry. In some ways it’s a dream-like reverie on sleep. …[T]his is an important book for people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep that includes a good night’s dreaming, as well as for the medical, mental health, and yoga professionals who work with them. Along with the lyricism come solid research and numerous life style suggestions and healing practices to help us sleep peacefully, dream lucidly, and awaken refreshed.”

Author of Yoga for Depression


“There’s so much nourishing material in Rubin R. Naiman’s book “Healing Night: The Science and Spirit of Sleeping, Dreaming, and Awakening,” that you must send it to any friend with sleep issues, or buy it for yourself if you’re not resting deeply. Naiman says too many of us are out of sync, and that a “winding down” period is best commenced at dusk: less caffeine, less night-time illumination, less computer, less Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central (oh drat). Safe to say Naiman has little fondness for the sleeping pill industry.”



“Healing Night combines scientific knowledge and spiritual awareness to offer a new way of looking at sleeping, dreaming, and awakening. Instead of just presenting a list of things to improve sleep, it explores the healing power of night. …Healing Night is brimming with knowledge. It was a very interesting and informative read without coming across as a dry textbook. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a sleep disorder or is simply interested in improving the quality of their sleep.”